Only For Internet Marketers, That Want To SCALE 
To The Moon And Profit With My Team's Expertise. 

Find The '6-Figure Paycheck' of Deep Customer Value,
Hidden Within Your
Internet Marketing Business. 

I've sold over 320k USD in my career... 
Working with digital info-products, at $37... 
Helped an agency owner to close 12k, with just 3k in adspend... 
Orchestrating TWO 6-figure launches in in the personal development niche... 
And I've got my own internet marketing brands, that I'm scaling in private. 

If You're A Marketing Agency Owner, Ecommerce Store Owner, Coach, Consultant That Has Sold Over 6, 7 even 8 Figures In Your Career... 

Find The '6-Figure Paycheck' of Deep Customer Value,
Hidden Within Your
Internet Marketing Business. 

The reason why I'm working with internet marketers, is pretty simple. 

It's because we're all straight shooters, we get to the point, and we know that the bottom line is important. 

This could mean... 

> Creating new front-end offers that allow you to get customers for pennies on the dollar, and creating sales pages that sell your low-ticket offers like there's no tomorrow. 

This could mean that you would be flooded with 5, 10, even 100 new buyers a day, for your online course and program. 

Which can be upsold, to other higher ticket offers, later down the line. 

> Creating your backend offers to sell to your existing pool of clients, so that you're able to 'ascend' your customers meaningfully. 

Have a $997 course? It's time to see how we can upgrade them to... 

> A retainer, where you're providing services for $2000 to $3000 a month, 
> A performance deal, where you get a part of their business... with a percentage of their revenue as your payment... 
> A $20,000 mastermind where you get your highest paying students, to commit to the highest 'tier' of coaching with you and personalized levels of access for you.  

And these are just a few of the levers that we can pull, to unlock deep profits in your business. 

So if we find the right opportunity, it could look like a 6-figure paycheck for your business. 

As you can see -- offer isn't for amateurs, and it's not meant to be that way. 

But here's why I'm so confident of
getting results for you. 

It's because I've spent the last 5 years, in complete SILENCE mastering my craft, before even daring to publish this course,
and releasing it to the public.

I was a terrible marketer, when I first started out at 17. 

I first started my journey in internet marketing, when I was just 17 years old -- as a young 'ambitious' soul, that wanted to provide for myself, and take care of the people around me. 

I closed my first client when I was 17, but I WAS NOT able to get them results at all. 

I'd bought a digital marketing program, for about 1.3 grand... and it took me about 2 weeks of cold calling, to get my first client

I had panic attacks, and I was still in 'high school' at the time. 

As a result of that-- I actually broke down, and seriously considered giving up doing internet marketing, and online advertising. 

I was on the 'brink' of giving up for good. 

But what happened after, was a series of events... that would allow me to stumble into some of the best internet marketers, in my eyes... 

And people that I've worked years to build relationships with... 

People that have taught me the fundamentals, and basics of internet marketing, that have carried me to the levels of success that I've achieved to this day. 

Whether it's... 

> 7-8 figure ecommerce store owners that I had the privilege of knowing. 
> 7-8 figure digital publishers that have massive email lists and have been in the game for more than 10 years... 
> While also learning from some of the best copywriters in the game, that allowed my team and I to create multiple 6-figure marketing campaigns. 

I've distilled the lessons that they've shared with me, into this one course that covers the MOST important basics of your marketing campaigns - that will give you the biggest 'bang' for your buck. 

So if you'd like to get a 'teaser' of how I think, and how I can add value to your business, then... 

But Here's Why Most Internet Marketing Businesses, 
Are Leaving Money On The Table... 

Usually, it comes down to a few problems: 

1. It's a customer acquisition problem, where you can get customers for cheap enough.

2. Each customer isn't paying you enough in TOTAL, and in lifetime value. 

3. Customers aren't paying you the lifetime value, fast enough -- to allow you to spend more on marketing. 

And while I'd love to say that I have a cookie cutter solution, for your marketing business... 

You can tell that this problem is a little more 'complicated'. 

You can't just 'send more emails' and make more money. 

You can't just launch a new offer -- and hope and pray that it takes off. 

You can't just run more ads -- and hope that your business takes off from there. 

You have to look at the opportunity cost of each action that you take, see the potential upside, and make an informed decision, based on what's the... 

1. Time that it's going to take, to allow you to recoup your investment, and make a profit, off of that new campaign... 

2. How long this 'new project' is going to last- and how long you want to run the new offer for... 

3. What's the time to even launch the offer, and to start seeing money coming in from it. 

But Once Your Understand The Risks Inside  
of Your Internet Marketing Business... 

You Can Find The Elusive 
'6-Figure Paycheck'
This means that, whatever project that you choose to work with me has been... 

Analysed for it's profit potential... 

Analysed for it's risk -- and how it can help you to profit, with built it margins for error, so that no one gets 'burned' in the process... 

And is created through a rational framework, that allows us to optimise for the best outcomes.

Which means that everything that we do... 

Has a high chance of success, and we're not wasting money, on dumb projects that are 'superficial' and vanity driven. It's all quantifiable, and there's a clear measure of success. 

So, download my free course now, see how I think, and decide whether you'd like to book a call with me.

Just So That We're Both On
The Same Page... 

Here’s the type of clients that we’re looking for:


Clients who know how marketing works.

I don’t want to waste time with newcomers that have no idea how advertising works… where we have to go through the basics like ‘CPC’ ‘hook’ ‘offer’ and ‘media buying’.


Clients that are ‘greedy’. 

Don’t worry, if you apply to work with us, we’ll keep your name private if you want to. But simply put, if you’re not hungry for more sales, I can’t work with you.


Clients that are willing to make strong claims. 

Look if you have a good service, and you have the proof to back it up… you should be making the biggest and boldest claims about yourself. There’s no honor in being humble, or trying to be ‘shy’ in your advertising. If you’re good, just say it.


Clients that give us the freedom to ‘push the line’ in terms of what’s possible. 

If you want a marketing campaign that’s ‘breakthrough’ you’ll need to let us be creative, and do create big ideas that can sell for you.


Clients that are already making money with their offers.

We’re not here to be your saving grace, and neither can we make a miracle happen for you. What we can do is turn an offer that you have… and scale the shit out of it, while


Clients that are good at closing. 

This means that if we bring you someone that’s qualified, you know how to pick up the phone and close them well. No need me to babysit you on this one too.


Clients that are ‘opportunistic’

This means that you’re someone who is always on the lookout for new opportunities, new ways to profit, and new ways to try things that work. It’s best if you think that you’re a shark, out for blood and profit. Because this is the best type of people that we work with too.

Here's What The FREE Advertising
Course Includes:

Each Module, Is Broken Down Into
 Theory & Assignments.

Here’s what it covers. 

1. The Hard Way or The Easy Way: Choose the best path to creating your evergreen advertising campaign (8min 24 seconds) 

2. Your Competition’s Out For Blood: Why you must embrace competition in order to thrive in ANY advertising campaign. (11min 38 seconds)

3. On Escaping Competition: How to thrive in a sea of ‘sharks’ and get a message that stands out. ( 9 min 41 Seconds )

4. Positioning Techniques: How to show your TRUE value to the marketplace, so people don’t ignore you and brush you off ( 10 min 22 seconds ) 

5. Offer Development: My secret to charging 10k usd for international clients that makes them 100k easily on launch ( 16 min 37 Seconds ) 

6. Simplifying Copywriting: How you can tap into the ‘core emotion’ of your customer, so THEY write your ads ( 15 min 35 Seconds ) 

7. Developing Hooks: Grab your customer by the neck, and get them to listen. Here’s a tip, don’t be boring. (8 min 55 seconds)

1. Publishing Secrets: when is the right time to launch your offer and get it up. ( 5 Min 23 Seconds) 
2. increasing LTV (6:55) 
3. High Ticket Scaling (5:02)
4. Design Principles ( 3:57) 
5. Final Assignments. ( 4:12 ) 

My Team And I Have
Worked In Niches Such As... 


Natural health,
Liver supplements


‘Feng shui’ type of stuff - astrology too.

Digital Marketing:

Consulting on how others can get more clients

Wealth Consulting:

Crypto & Investment Programs

Tuition Agencies:

Helping tutors to get more clients

Personal Development & Upskilling: 

Learning new skills that make you more employable.

And our clients range from 

So if you dare to look at what’s inside the marketing ‘underbelly’ of what works... keep reading this and I’ll show you how I can make you a fortune.

But a fair warning before you continue...

We’re not here to ‘play nice’... the only thing that I care about, is getting results for you, and we’re going to do everything to get you there.

And if You Need Testimonials, and more specific Case Studies... 

Download my Course, Book A Call on the next page and I'll Run Them Through With you after

Once you've gotten A timeslot with me... 

I'll be more than happy to get to know your business, in greater detail, and unerstand what your needs are... 

So that I can prepare and present to you relevant case studies, that are suited to your niche, and specific internet marketing business model, 

So that I don't waste your time, with 'a templated video' that I spam to 1000 other business owners, hoping that it hits something. 

Work with me, at this stage in my career, and it will be personalized for you. 

What's The Vision For Your Internet Marketing Practice? 

Most of us come into the business for a few reasons... 

You want to build a meaningful company, that helps people to achieve their goals... 

You want more time freedom for yourself, and you want to be 'the boss' in the business, and get the respect from your peers... 

The business was your 'retirement' vehicle, and now it's turning into a 'headache' causer... 

And it's important to ask yourself why... and to ask yourself... 

What Have You Done To Scale? 

Maybe you've tried doing more outreach... 

Maybe you've tried sending thousands of emails... 

Maybe you've tried optimizing your store, burning through media buyer after media buyer... 

Or maybe you're running cold ads right now, but it's taking a ton of effort, to try and get things converting, and closing people for your retainer deals... 

And as a result -- your capacity to scale and grow the company is bottlenecked, and you're 'stuck' at the levels which you're at. 

And that leads you to feel even more worried... 

Almost as if you're... 

Feeling 'Trapped' By Your Competitors... and unable to make a breakthrough to the next level? 

Whenever you're selling your services... 

You feel like your products and services are being 'compared' to, with other people in the market. 

It's like you're never the first priority, in your customers eyes... and as a result, you're always taking 'sloppy seconds' from your customers... 

And never being treated, and valued as what you're really worth...  

You're not sure what's missing -- or what that 'competitive edge' in your business is... 

And you feel like you're easily replaceable, and just another 'cog' in your client's business... 

Kinda sucks doesn't it? 

I'm here to help You Break Out Of That, 
And become the 'hot shit' in your industry.

This is all done by deeply analysing your business... 

To see what's actually working -- what actually can be done, to create new 'revenue streams' in your business... 

Whether you can be going for a 'higher paying' crowd, that will actually appreciate you for who you are -- and what you can offer to them. 

When you're working with me, you'll either get prospects that are deeply in love with you... 

Or completely ignore you.

No 'half-assed' answers from your customers. 

Get full commitment, real 'yes-es' and real satisfaction in your customers. 

So, let's make some money together. Download my Free course & book a call after. 

Let me give you 'big brain' insights, that will print your business cash, and get you to the next level. 

Download my course now and book a call.